Shiba Inu Community in Turmoil After Accusations of Code Copying

• Rumors about the Shiba Inu community and Shibarium’s code being copied from another blockchain have been circulating.
• Steve, a high-ranking member of the SHIB Growth Team, raised these accusations and cited the same Chain ID 917 as an unknown Rinia blockchain from December 2022.
• Other prominent community members dismissed this rumor and stated that blockchains can operate independently with the same chain ID.

Shiba Inu Community Facing Potential Scandal

The Shiba Inu community is facing a potentially huge scandal after the beta version of Shibarium was released a few days ago. High-ranking community member Steve, who is part of SHIB’s Growth Team, first raised accusations that developers copied the code for Shibarium from another blockchain.

Chain ID 917 Raises Suspicion

The suspicion stems from the fact that Shibarium’s beta testnet uses the same chain ID 917 as an unknown Rinia blockchain, which was released in December 2022. Steve argued that this would cause issues with MetaMask or other wallet applications since they would use this ID to determine which network to send transactions to. He also suggested it was incompetent not to change this unique chain ID when copying a genesis file.

Outcry From SHIB Army

This revelation caused great outcry within the SHIB army and Queenie, another Shiba Inu community member, questioned why such a billion dollar project had copied someone else’s chain ID.

Just A Stupid Mistake?

However, other prominent community members were quick to dispel the rumor by explaining how blockchains can operate independently with the same chain ID and that both are needed for interaction with a chain. Kosener also noted it could be just a stupid mistake of Shiba Inu devs instead of intentional copying of code.


In conclusion, it remains unclear whether there was any malicious intent behind using the same Chain ID 917 as an unknown Rinia blockchain or if it was simply an innocent mistake by Shiba Inu devs during development stages of Shibarium testnet.