: NFTs: Low Regulatory Scrutiny and Easy to Understand – The Next Big Crypto Bull Cycle?

• Crypto analyst Kaleo is bullish on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as they have the least amount of regulatory scrutiny compared to other sectors in the crypto industry.
• NFTs have a low market cap and low monthly sales volume, which allows them to avoid major scrutiny from regulators.
• NFTs are easy for the average person to understand, making them an attractive option for wider adoption.

Bullish on Non-Fungible Tokens

Crypto analyst Kaleo is bullish on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He believes that this sector in the cryptocurrency industry provides an opportunity for the next bull cycle due to its lack of regulatory scrutiny. At present, NFTs have a total market cap of less than 1% of the total crypto coin market and monthly sales volumes of only 0.01%. This means that they do not draw attention from regulators yet, allowing growth without friction in the sector.

Easy To Understand

Kaleo also notes that NFTs offer an advantage when it comes to wider adoption since they are easily understandable by regular people. This makes sense as digital collectibles can be grasped quickly compared to buying a random “dog coin” while hoping for good returns. Therefore, ignoring this marketplace might mean missing out on major opportunities during the next bull cycle.

Regulatory Scrutiny

However, Kaleo acknowledges that companies like OpenSea and Blur might face lawsuits similar to those against Coinbase or Binance in future as more regulation enters this space. As such, investors should take caution when investing in any cryptocurrency or digital asset as there could be risks involved depending on how regulated it is.

Total Market Cap and Volume

At present, NFTs have a total market cap of $10 billion and total monthly sales volumes of $809 million – both much lower than the total crypto coin market’s $1 trillion market cap and overall sales volume figures. This indicates that while there may be potential opportunities in NFT investments, these should still be approached with caution due to their relatively small size compared with other markets within cryptocurrencies.


Overall, Kaleo believes that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer great potential for investors looking to capitalize on upcoming bull cycles due to their relative lack of regulatory scrutiny at present and ease of understanding by regular people who may potentially adopt them more widely than other cryptocurrencies or digital assets. However, investors should always exercise caution when investing regardless if it involves NFTs or any other asset class within cryptocurrencies as regulations may change over time that could affect their returns from these investments