Crypto Reversal Imminent: Investor Who Called 2022 Bottom Predicts Big Gains

• Chris Burniske, a venture capitalist and trader, believes that multiple factors are setting the stage for Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto to have a big reversal.
• He is particularly excited about the upcoming transition to “Internet Financial System” (IFS) with DeFi elements and tokenization of real-world assets.
• Burniske says that it “seems like a prime time” for the digital asset market to reverse.

Investor Who Called Market Bottom Predicts Big Reversal For Bitcoin (BTC) And Crypto

Venture capitalist and trader Chris Burniske believes that multiple factors are lining up in favor of Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto, signaling what he calls “a prime time” for the digital asset market to reverse. With 260,100 Twitter followers, Burniske is known for correctly calling the 2022 crypto bottom.

Upcoming Transition To Internet Financial System (IFS)

Burniske is particularly excited about decentralized finance’s upcoming transition to what he calls the “Internet Financial System” (IFS), which will combine DeFi elements and compliant systems that invite large pools of global capital to utilize open networks. He says this new product cycle is far more advanced than the one seen during last summer’s DeFi surge in 2020.

Tokenization Of Real-World Assets

In addition to IFS, Burniske also thinks tokenization of real-world assets will also play a key role in this new product cycle. He notes that there is now much more mature infrastructure available for products compared to before, making it easier for users to access these tools and take advantage of them.

Risk Factors To Consider

Though things appear primed for a major reversal, investors should still exercise caution when investing in cryptocurrencies or digital assets as they come with high risks due to their volatile nature. It is important that investors do their own research before making any high-risk investments in order to ensure they understand all aspects of potential risks associated with such investments.


Overall, investor Chris Burniske believes that multiple factors are pointing towards a big reversal for Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto markets soon due to the imminent shift towards Internet Financial System with DeFi elements as well as tokenization of real world assets on open networks. Though there may be potential rewards from such investments, investors should always exercise caution by doing their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies or digital assets due their high risk nature..